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Do you need a good translation quickly? Our translation agency can deliver your translations within a few days. Request a quotation and get a clear price and time indication within a day.

Our people are native translators with relevant translation experience in your industry. You are therefore always guaranteed to receive well-translated texts that are tailored to your target audience.

12 years of experience in translating texts for both large companies and SMEs.

The benefits of Translation Office

Native translators

Native vertalers

Our native translators have ample experience in your target audience's industry. Our people only translate from or into their native language.

Type vertalingen

Types of translations

We translate everything. From commercial texts to specialist translations. You name it.

Vast aanspreekpunt

A dedicated point of contact

With us, you always have one dedicated point of contact. After receiving your request, we will contact you and work with you on your translations.


Urgent translations

Rush? A translation of up to 1.000 words is possible within 24 hours! Call us directly at +31 20 369 09 61 to inquire about the possibilities.

Hoge kwaliteit

High quality

We deploy the right translator for each project. Our extensive database consists of native translators with experience in various industries.

Scherpe tarieven

Competitive rates

For each translation project, we have a rate that suits you. Our rates start from just €0.06 per word, excluding VAT. Request a quotation now!

Urgent translation? 1.000 words within 24 hours

Please contact us

We are happy to help you with your translations

We help both small and large companies and organisations with the translation of their texts on a daily basis. Request a quotation without obligation and find out what we can do for you.

Translations at competitive rates

We apply different rates depending on the translation project. There is thus always a rate that suits your translation project. Our rates start from just €0.06 per word, excluding VAT. Curious what the translation of your text will cost? Request a no-obligation quotation today.

Standard & Fast

€ 0,06

Standard texts can be quickly translated at the competitive starting rate of €0.06 per word, excluding VAT.


€ 0,08

Texts that require more expertise can be translated by experienced and specialized translators at a rate of €0.08 per word, excluding VAT.


€ 0,15

Official documents can be translated by sworn translators at a rate of €0.15 per word, excluding VAT.

* We offer quantity discounts for texts exceeding 10.000 words.

98% of our clients recommend us.

Frequently asked questions

What is a translation agency?

A translation agency often consists of freelance native translators who specialise in translating texts.

They deliver high quality that is not comparable to the results from a translation machine such as Google Translate. When your texts need to be flawless, it is wise to work with a professional translation agency.

How does a translation agency work?

A translation agency ensures that your document is written in another language. In addition, a translation agency guarantees the quality of the translation, works with professionals and closely monitors its own work. Revision rounds minimise translation errors.

If you want to have a text translated, the agency will look for suitable translators for your translation project. You should expect a translation agency to respond quickly to a request. A translation agency may specialise in a specific sector or field such as medical translations, legal translations, technical translations and translations in the tourism sector.

How much does a translation agency cost?

The cost of translating a text through a translation agency depends on the length of the text to be translated and the language into which or from which it will be translated.

In addition, there are texts that require special expertise, which entails a cost. Consider, for example, certain legal texts. At Translation Office, you can quickly and easily request a quotation to determine your translation costs.

What is a specialised translation agency?

A translation agency often has one or more specialisations that allow it to translate texts from a particular sector or field well. There are also many forms and variations in types of texts. In addition to industry specialisations, translation agencies also have expertise in certain text forms such as: web texts, general terms and conditions, medical leaflets, articles of association etc.

What is the difference between a native speaker and a native translator?

Good translation agencies work with native translators. Often, you read that agencies work with native speakers instead of native translators, but there is a difference.

A native speaker has learned his or her native language naturally because he or she grew up in an environment where the language is spoken. Sometimes multiple languages are spoken, and then the double-native principle applies.

A native translator is skilled at translating texts and has often followed a training course for this purpose. When you speak a language well, this does not always mean that you can also translate texts well. Freelancers at Translation Office are therefore not only native speakers but above all native translators.

How do you select a good translation agency?

If you are looking for a good translation agency, it is advisable to read the customer experiences on Google Review or on the translation agency's website. Also check the overview of current customers to see if the translation agency has experience in your industry.

Why use a translation agency?

Working with a translation agency has many advantages. For example, a good translation agency has a large number of native translators who can be deployed quickly for your translation. A good translation agency also has all the knowledge and expertise you need for the type of document you want to translate. Of course, a legal document requires completely different prior knowledge than a marketing text.

What is a sworn translator?

A sworn translator is a special kind of translator. These translators are legally authorised to translate certain documents for which a sworn oath is required. These are documents with an official or legal status such as a birth certificate, a driving licence, documents for legal cases, a diploma, emigration documents, a will or a marriage certificate.

When do I need a sworn translator for my translation?

If you want to have a document with an official or legal status translated, you will need a sworn translator. These are translators who are legally authorised to translate certain documents such as a birth certificate, a driving licence, legal documents in court cases, a diploma, emigration documents, a will or a marriage certificate.

Is a sworn translation better than an ordinary translation?

No, a sworn translation is no better than a translation done by a native translator. The choice of a sworn translator depends on the type of document to be translated. Certain official documents, such as birth certificates, diplomas and other documents issued by public or official bodies, must be translated by sworn translators in order to be usable for official purposes.

What is the cost of a translation?

The costs for a translation depend on various factors, such as the urgency of the translation, the length of the document, the languages involved in translation, and whether specialized knowledge is required for the task. These factors influence the per-word rate and the overall cost of the entire translation.

Translation agencies typically use 'base' rates for specific translations, where one rate may be higher than another. Translations that involve significant specialized knowledge or require certification often incur higher costs per word.

When do you speak of an urgent translation?

All assignments that need to be delivered within 24 hours are considered urgent translations for us. We can often complete urgent translations of up to 1.000 words within this time frame. If your urgent translation exceeds this word limit, please contact us to discuss the possibilities.

We are Translation Office

Translation Office is the leading translation agency in Amsterdam that provides professional translations at competitive prices. We are active worldwide. With a team of more than 100 translators, we process large and small translations for SMEs and large organisations every month.

We have a large, comprehensive network of native translators and can provide translations in virtually any language combination imaginable. With us, you are assured of high-quality translations.

As an international translation agency, we specialise in all translations such as English, French, German, Spanish, Italian, Polish, Romanian, Russian, Portuguese, Chinese and Czech. We also offer translations into other languages, such as Japanese and Swedish. Do not hesitate. Have your texts translated by the native translators of Translation Office in Amsterdam.

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Translations per month
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