Medical translations

Medical translations

Medical translations

Your medical translations are also in good and trusted hands with Translation Office. We see medical translations as a separate craft, with a focus on the correct application of terminology. Our network includes specialist translators who are familiar with medical jargon. In addition, our translators handle time, quantities, content measurements and the like accurately and carefully. Does this appeal to you? Then we would be happy to explain to you what Translation Office as a medical translation agency can do for you.

Types of medical translations

Below are some examples of medical translations that Translation Office does:

  • Medical device and equipment manuals
  • Medical information for patients and doctors
  • Software for medical equipment
  • Clinical trial documentation
  • Product inserts
  • Quick reference cards
  • Medical surveys
  • Educational material
  • Catalogues
  • Medical press releases
  • Medical brochures
  • Medical websites

Quality is our top priority

Quality is always the top priority among our medical translators. As a medical translation agency, we have several years of experience in doing medical translations, and we always work very carefully. Our medical translators have knowledge of the field, an eye for detail and take into account special requirements with regard to terminology. This all benefits the medical translation.

Our rates

Our medical translators believe that a professional translation is more than just translating words into another language. Our native translators always translate according to your wishes. Thanks to our global network, our costs are very low, which we are happy to pass on to you as a client.

Translation Office as a medical translation agency

Translation Office translates medical documents to and from virtually all languages. In addition to the most common languages such as English, German and French, we also translate medical documents into, for example, Polish, Portuguese and Chinese. It is also possible, for example, to have already-translated product inserts checked. We work with you and are happy to assist you.

Request a quotation

AIf this appeals to you, you can request a quotation from us. You select the source text and the desired language to which it must be translated. You will receive a customised quotation on the same day. Would you like to know more about our medical translators? If so, please contact Translation Office. We can be reached by telephone at +31 20 369 09 61 and by e-mail at


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